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Visual worlds for design-savvy agencies and brands
Two ways to use the DesignService. BolderVisuals offers changes to existing products of the archive and also creates individual designs exclusive for you.


Individualise products of the BolderVisuals Stockarchive. A solution for you to change a visual for minor & formal adjustments.
We change our existing products according to your needs - e.g. for
  • Color
  • Format
  • Resolution
  • Kbit/s
Non-Exclusive Licence
We will be happy to discuss your requirements and wishes by email, telephone or video call. Then we will review the possibilities and set the price.
For formal and minor adaptations of existing products - the licence of use remains not exclusive.


Creation of individual visuals with deep engagement for your needs. You secure the exclusive rights of use.
BolderVisuals develops artworks especially for your project & brand.
  • Briefing
  • Conception
  • Creation
  • Production
Exclusive Licence
The creation of individual artworks tailored to your needs is a demanding and interesting process. BolderVisuals works for a really good result and takes the time it takes to combine creativity with technique and structure.
Arrange a meeting to get to know us and exchange details.
BolderVisuals, based in Zurich, creates visual worlds for design-savvy agencies, brands & people.

The conception and creation of high-quality 3D / CG KeyVisuals is always multimedia and strategic. Depending on the needs, the design products quietly fit into existing concepts or expand them in an impressive way.
Much is possible with
For more Infos contact us.

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